The old woman Dara Simic, who lives as a returnee in Panjik, has no income, surviving only on the help of good people, and waiting for the winter without heating in a old house, which has no minimum requirements for life. “I’m alone, I do not have anywhere to anyone, I have nothing, I can only sit down and cry like a baby,” these are her words.
“Dara Simic is the burning issue of our village. She needs a physical examination, but she doesan’t have health card or any identification card so she could claim any kind of social assistance that she previously received, “said the president of the local community Panjik, Miladin Nedic.

After the information about the hard life of this old woman, she was visited by mayor of Municipality of Petrovo, Ozren Petkovic.
“As a first-aid we brought her food, hygiene package and we made agreement with the president of the local community of Panjik, regarding the next steps that should help this old lady. This is primarily related to her personal documents. In the next period we will also help her with the wood necessary for heating and we will help with paying of electricity, and I hope that all this will considerably facilitate some things for this old woman, at least for the coming winter. ” said Petković, pointing out that all returnees from villages on Ozren can count on help from Municipality of Petrovo, no matter the fact that un least as territory is concerned they don’t belong the Municipality of Petrovo, but Municipality of Lukavac in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. “This is our people, and for us there are no boundaries, nor will be” said Petković.