Department for General Administration

Head of Department for General Administration
Mira Katanić, Bachelor in Law

No. office: 48

Phone: 053/260-522

E-mail: opstauprava.opstinapetrovo @

Affairs of Department

Department of General Administration shall provide:
– Professional, administrative and technical matters related to the reception office
– Duties of civil status,
– Registration of : births, marriages, deaths, citizenship
– Personnel affairs
– Human resource management affairs,
– Civil protection affairs,
– Administrative and operational affairs for the organs of local communities,
– Organize Center for services for citizens, archives, shipping and mail delivery, signature verification, transcripts and manuscripts,
– Work papers and keep records thereof,
– Legal assistance
– Access to information, business info desk,
– Work in the field of War Veterans,
– Preparation of draft decisions and other regulations within its jurisdiction,
– The delivery of mail,
– Maintenance and security facility,
– Maintaining cleanliness in work areas,
– Drivers of company cars,
– Cook,
– Pearson responsable for typing,
– As well as other jobs that are not the responsibility of other departments.

Within the Department for General Administration shall be established local offices as follows:

1. Local office based in the Petrovo, which includes the populated places: Petrovo, Porječina, Krtova and Kaluđerica;
2. Local office based in Kakmuž  for settlement Kakmuž,
3. Local office based in Karanovac, which includes settlements  Karanovac and Sočkovac.Department for General Administration
Name and surname Position
Mira Katanic Head of the Department for General Administration
Vlado Simic Head of the Civil Protection
Zeljka Mađerić System administrator
Milica Jovanovic Associate for Personnel and General Affairs
Stojanka RadićAssociate for reception of mail and archive
Snežana Gavrić Associate for reception of mail and archive
Smilja Dujković Associate for registers
Mira Vasić Associate for registers
Brankica Božić Associate for registers
Radenko Blagojević Associate for records
Ljubica Nedić Technical Secretary
Anđelka Radić Meteorologist
Mićo Radeljić House Master – porter
Dražen Đurić House Master – porter
Boro Đurić Driver
Zora Katanić Cook
Kosana Protić Cleaner
Vera Radeljić Cleaner