Deputy Chief

Deputy of the Mayor
Sinisa Stjepanović, bachelor of mechanical engineering

No. office: 43

Phone: 053/260-070


Sinisa Stjepanovic was born on 8-th of May 1978. in Rijeka, Croatia.
He attended primary school in Rijeka. High school, mechanical-technical department , he finished in Petrovo  and the Higher Technical School in Doboj in 2004, when he become mechanical engineer.
In 2008, he finished Traffic-Technical School and currently holds a bachelor in mechanical engineering. During his studies in 2007, he has finished internship in the Administrative Service of the Municipality of Petrovo, where he started working after completion of his studies in the Multi-Serves Center for small and medium enterprises. He served as Head of “Professional Regional Fire Department,” Municipality of Petrovo. Since November 2008, he was appointed as Deputy of the Mayor of the Municipality of Petrovo.
He is married and lives in Kakmuž.