Center for social work

Public Institution “Center for social work” Municipality of Petrovo
Address:  Street “Ozrenskih brigada bb” 74 317 Municipality of Petrovo
Phone: 00387 (0)53/262-100

Director:     Milorad Bozić, a social worker
                1.Stojanka Trifković, Bachelor in Economy
                2.Vladimir Nakić, Bachelor in Social Work

“Center for social work” of Municipality of Petrovo is a public institution, established by the municipal assembly of Petrovo 24.12.1993.
“Center for Social Work” is a legal personality, and it has been like that since it was registered into the court registry.
“Center for Social Work “of Municipality of Petrovo is social welfare institutions, public service with public powers and performing the activity of general interest that ensures the rights and duties of natural and legal persons, as well as exercising other legally defined interests in the field of social protection.

Activities of the Center:

In the implementation of social and family care and provision of social work services center performs the following tasks:
– Decides in the first instance of exercising the right to social protection,
– Decides in the first instance of exercising the rights of child protection,
– Decides in the first instance of exercising their rights in the field of family protection and guardianship,
– Provides social, psychological, pedagogical, special education and administrative and legal work in process on the rights of its activities,
– Disburses monetary rights set by regulations on social protection.

In addition to the above tasks, ”Center for social work” performs  professional activities in the implementation of social protection and social work, family care and child protection, including:

1. Detecting and tracking the needs of citizens and social problems in the field of social protection,
2. Propose and undertake measures to address the social needs of state citizens and monitor their execution,
3. Organize and implement appropriate forms of social and child protection and providing services directly to social welfare and social work,
4. Develop and promote prevention activities that contribute to preventing and combating social problems,
5. Provides diagnostic services and implementing appropriate treatment, counseling and therapeutic services and technical assistance to users,
6. Works on  the establishing of family counseling services to families and individuals,
7. Encourages, organizes and coordinates the professional and voluntary work in the field of social protection,
8. Works on the implementation of corrective measures against juveniles,
9. Works on the selection and application of educational recommendations to minors,
10. Maintains records and documentation of services provided and measures taken within the framework of its activities,
11. Works on developing of partnerships among various actors in the community that provide social services,
12. Works on the development of various models of care users in the community and social services according to customer needs,
13. Performs other duties specified by law and the decision of the municipal assembly.

Users of social protection in terms of the social protection are persons who are in need, especially:

– Without parental care
– With physical and mental development problems
– Whose development is hindered by family circumstances,
– Educationally neglected.

– Lacking financial means and for handicapped persons,
– Elderly persons without family care,
– Disabled persons
-Persons with socially unacceptable behavior,
– Persons who because of special circumstances require social protection.

Rights in social protection are:
– Social assistance,
– Allowance for support and care of another person,
– Support for vocational training of young children
– Placement in a social care institution or placement in another family
– Right on time cash payment
– Health care users,
– Social work services.