On the locality of Kakmuž 4, near the road Kakmuž – Donja Lohinja, today started demining on surface area of 7543 m2. As foreseen demining will take 15 days, provided that the first three days of work will be done by machine team and then with work starts manual team of five people.
“This project is a high priority for the Municipality of Petrovo, as the demining of this site is precondition for cleaning and planning the riverbed of Mekiljička rijeka, which due to narrow riverbed makes significant problems for the spill in the rainy season,” said Dragan Petković, senior associate for the protection and rescue issues in the Municipality of Petrovo.

Contractor firm for this demining project is “Stop Mines” from Pale and project is funded by UNDP under the “urgent demining of flooded zone”
Due to demining, in the next 15 days traffic on the road Kakmuž – Donja Lohinja will be carried out on special regime in the period from 08:00 to 16:00, in the way that will suspend traffic for half an hour, after which will follow a ten minute traffic flow.

In the Municipality of Petrovo, in Karanovac is also running another demining project near the chicken farm “Iradija” on surface area of 4957 m2, which is also a prerequisite for cleaning flood channel. In recent months in Karanovac surface area of 101,331 m2 is cleared of mines . Both of these demining projects were funded by the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Bosnia and Herzegovina.