Cutting the ribbon on the official ceremony, ambassadors of the Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Holland in Bosnia and Herzegovina, on 11-th of  March, 2009  released in the work a modern center for providing services to a  citizens. Developing of the Center was founded within the Government Accountability Project (GAP).
With this project, Municipality of Petrovo got the software and computer equipment valued at 149 000euro each. Municipality of Petrovo funded the development of the Center in the amount of 20 000 Marks. These funds were used to change the entrance into the municipal building, counter hall and assembly hall.
The center will be of benefit both employees and citizens of this community, decreasing the time of waiting for services up to  50%, and by doing so make municipal administration  more modern, efficient and economical.

The system of municipal administration is set up so that people communicate and exercise their rights through the counter sale (filing of a submission to obtain solutions, beliefs …).

All necessary information and instructions can be requested at the Information desk of municipality. Officers in Center are trained to provide at any time all necessary services to citizens. Officers have identification cards, and over the counter are located signs which indicate the section of services.

The Center for Citizens is an important and visible indicator that the Municipality of Petrovo intends to offer efficient services to its citizens.
Centre for citizens in Municipality of Petrovo has five administration stations: info counter, the counter for War Veterans, counter for receiving submissions, counter for certification, registrar, and counter for working permits.