Sports Federation of Municipality of Petrovo
Sports Federation ”Petrovo” of Municipality Petrovo (hereinafter: Sports Federation) was founded February 25-th, 2005 as non-governmental, non-party organization: sports organizations of athletes, sports experts and sports officials from various branches of sport from the Municipality of Petrovo. It was established in order to achieve common goals and interests, rational use of existing sports facilities, improvement of professional performance, programming, promotion and development of sports in the municipality of Petrovo and other goals and objectives established by law. In the establishment of the Sports Federation participated six sports organizations registered in the Municipality of Petrovo. Today, Sports Federation is composed of 9 sports club.

1. FC “ Ozren” ,Petrovo
2. FC “Zvijezda”, Kakmuz
3. WFC “Sloga” Kakmuz – Petrovo,
4. CC “Ozren” Petrovo,
5. TTC”Ozren Kakmuz – Petrovo,
6. JC “Ozren” Petrovo
7. SBC “Ozren” Petrovo,
8. HC”Ozren – Kraljica 883″ Petrovo,
9. SFC”Spreca” Petrovo

Governance structure of the Sports Federation are:
– Assembly of Sports Federation is made up of representatives-delegates affiliated sports organizations and other members of the Sports Federation.
– Speaker of the Sports Federation Assembly manages the work of the Assembly and the Board of Directors, and on behalf of the Board represents the Sports Federation in legal matters.
– Board of Sports Federation is made up of representatives of sports organizations members of the Sports Federation and other members of the Sports Federation.
– Supervisory Board of the Sports Federation is made up of members of Sports Federation and other members outside of association.
– Secretary of the Sports Federation.

In addition to representing the interests and demands of its members before the competent municipal authorities and sports associations, and providing administrative, technical, financial and other services to members in accordance with the Act, other goals and activities of the Sports Federation are:

– Giving opinions, proposals and initiatives for programming, promotion and development of sports in the Municipality of Petrovo,
– Establishing norms and standards – the criteria for allocation of resources within the association,
– Giving opinions in terms of planning, construction, maintenance and use of sports facilities
– Organization of sport events and manifestations,
– Determining the criteria and standards for funding  sport activities of their members
– Determining the criteria and awarding of prizes and awards for the results achieved in physical culture and sport,
– Public information on the overall outcome in physical culture and sports in the Municipality of Petrovo ,
– Organizing seminars and other lectures to educate athletes and sports officials in the field of sport and physical education,
– Creating conditions and organization of sports schools, sports camps and other aspects and forms of development and training in sport and performing other duties in accordance with the general acts of the Sports Federation.

Starting from satisfying the public interest and needs of society at the municipal level, activities are organized and realized through the institution of sport activities, which meets the partial needs of all participants. Sports Federation is a central sports organization in the municipality which associates nine sports organizations (clubs and societies) on a voluntary basis. Sports clubs and societies are the main sports organizations in some sports fields with their program goals and objectives, sources of funds and assets, and they are affiliated to the Sports Federation to meet and exercise their rights under the normative acts of the Sports Federation and the principle of voluntariness. Among other duties and activities envisaged by the normative acts, the Sports Federation is developing activities in accordance with its objectives and in accordance with the Law on Sports of the Republic of Srpska.

Work and activities of the Municipal Sports Federation should provide conditions to as many citizens as possible; primarily to the young people who should be able to enjoy the pleasure of sports and thus enrich their lifestyle. Today, we must not forget the fact that the use of drugs is rising, it is often referred to drug legalization, which would be ” tool that should put drug use under the control” .Sports Federation as main task of its mission has involvement in sports and sports activities, through their actions and finding funds to help build sports infrastructure in the county of Peter. In addition to activities for youth involvement in sports and this can be achieved only by starting school competitions in all sports in our community. We have to encourage athletes to achieve better results. In order to achieve notable results our athletes need to have better conditions for their extension, and basic condition for this is to build a sports hall.
The formation of teams in sports which in this moment do not exist on the territory of our municipality, such as handball, volleyball and others, inclusion of girls in sport and education and training of staff is the mission of the Municipal Sports Federation “Petrovo”. The essence of our work is based on the belief that sport has its values, which are available to every citizen, that sport should be fun learning and testing their own values and success.
The construction of the sports hall would be enabled by defining the conditions for long-term strategy for the development of sport and physical education and implementation of annual programs of quality sports development in our local community in accordance with the sport. Otherwise, we are confident that our promising athletes will reach finish line with difficulties and go in the other municipalities that will enable them better conditions for their development.

Sporting events and tournaments

1.    Athlete of the year in Municipality of Petrovo 
2.    Eastern cross
3.    Mountain marathon
4.    Ilindan
5.    Open fun football school
6.    Kakmuž Memorial Football Tournament
7.    Tennis tournament
8.    Miholjdan:•    Tournament in a small football
•    Street Racing
•    Chess Tournament

Realization of the sports, the underlying assumption here is that there are sports facilities and that their priority is the optimal use and maintenance.
In all local communities in the municipality of Petrovo the state of outdoor sports fields (sports polygon) is satisfactory, so the school sports program and recreational sports program can be successfully implemented when the weather permits. For these two programs are available sports halls in the elementary schools in the Petrovo and Kamuz, which are necessary to facilitate with sports equipment.
When it comes to competitive sports it should be pointed out that the football stadiums in Petrovo and Kakmuz with outbuildings are in very good condition, so the Football Club FC “Ozren” Petrovo and FC “Zvijezda ” Kakmuz can successfully take place in the tournaments . It is necessary to point out that in 2010. was successfully implemented  project of building the stands at the football stadium in Kakmuz.
Athletic Hall in Petrovo meets the requirements for the work of the Judo Club “Ozren” Petrovo and the Section of Karate Club “Petrovo- Kakmuz”.
Serbian Basketball Club “Ozren” Petrovo is in some disadvantage because of the inability to have audience on their matches.
Athletic Hall of Kakmuz is also used for the work of the Section of Karate Club “Petrovo – Kakmuz” and for winter training FC “Zvijezda” Kakmuz.
A burning issue on field of sports and physical education is the lack of sports halls in the municipality of Petrovo, without which the future can not be expected to bring the sports scores of greater value when it comes to indoor sports and even more significant progress when it comes to sports and physical culture.