Head of Department for Economy, Finance and Social Services

Vukadin Blagojević, Bachelor in Law

No. office: 40

Phone: 053/260-070

E-mail: privreda.finansije @ gmail.com

Department for Economy, Finance and Social Services

Name and surnamePosition
Vukadin BlagojevićHead of Department for Economy, Finance and Social Services
Vesna Petrović Head of Desk for Budget, Finance, Accounting and Treasury
Ljiljana MilinovićAssociate for payments in Treasury , Treasury operations, calculation of wages and cost analysis
Nada MaljenovićIndependent Expert for input of invoices, suppliers, orders and claims in treasury operations
Mirjana RadunovićIndependent Expert for the accounting of fixed assets, public goods, small tools and inventory
Verica BlagojevićAssociate for accounting of salaries, fees and all other payments and cash operations support
Dragan StevanovićSenior Associate / Associate Treasury for General Ledger – order entry and control of a set of books in treasury operations, general ledger budget
Jovan TatomirovićHead of Desk for inspection – the inspector
Bojana RistićHealth – Sanitary Inspector
Željko TomićIndependent Expert for the economy and private entrepreneurship
Dragica PejićHead of Desk for Development
Spomenka PetkovićIndependent Expert in managing of development
Igor LazićIndependent Expert for Social Services
Nebojša TrifkovićIndependent Expert for agriculture, forestry, water management and environmental protection
Gabrijela GojkovićIndependent Expert for public relations