Health institutions

Health Centre “Ozren”
In the Municipality of Petrovo, primary care for the population living on this territory provides the Health Centre” Ozren”. Hospital services are provided in the General Hospital “Sveti apostol Luka “in Doboj.
Health center meets the needs of the population by providing services through Family services medicine that was introduced in 2006. And it was verified by the Ministry of health and social welfare, then children’s medicine, emergency service, dental surgery and laboratory. Within the building of the Health Centre” Ozren” was also solved the problem of architectural barriers for the people with disabilities, so they can have easy access into the Health Centre.
Health Centre, “Ozren”, was founded by Municipality of Petrovo , and implements measures of primary health care (prevention of diseases and emergency medical services) and of secondary health care (gynecological examinations once a week, internist examinations and x-ray recording), in accordance with the Law on Health Care. It is important to point out that Health Centre does not have a maternity ward, and the record of birth entries is kept in Doboj.
Health Centre provides health care for the entire population of the municipality in 4 Familiy medical clinics.
In the Municipality of Petrovo are also organized the regional medical centers in local communities. The one in local community Sočkovac provides services to residents of local communities Sočkovac and Karanovac, there are also medical clinics in Porječina and the one in Kakmuž.