President of the Municipal Assembly

President of the Municipal Assembly
Name: Jovo Nikolić
Date of birth: 05.08.1953.
Place of birth: Mičijevići, Municipality of Lukavac
Occupation: Engineer for organization of labor
Contact phone: 053/260-070, extension 105
Fax: 053/260-012
Political Party: SNSD – Milorad Dodik

President of Municipal Assembly has the right and duty to:

– Represent the Municipal Assembly,
– Participate in the preparation, convocation and the meetings of the Municipal Assembly,
– Participate in the preparation, convening and leading inter-party meetings,
– Initiate the placing of the agenda for the sessions, working bodies of Municipal Assembly and meetings of inter-party issues within the competence of the Municipal Assembly,
– Propose the agenda for the Municipal Assembly,
– Ensure respect of the principles and provisions of the Rules of Municipal Assembly and the Rules of the working bodies of the Municipal Assembly,
– Ensure the realization of the rights and duties of the club members during preparation and during assembly sessions and inter-party meetings,
– Keep the session in accordance with the principles of best practices of democratic parliamentary and the provisions of these Rules,
– Ensure co-operation of the Municipal Assembly and Mayor, and monitor the implementation of decisions and conclusions of the Municipal Assembly,
– Working on achieving cooperation with other municipal assemblies and other bodies and organizations,
– Sign the legislation approved by the Municipal Assembly and
– Perform other duties specified by law, the Statute and these Rules.