Secretary of the Municipal Assembly

Name: Branislav Mihajlović
Place of birth: Stupari, Municipality of Lukavac
Date of birth: 09/15/1958.
Education: Graduate of Faculty of Law
Contact phone: 053/260-190
Fax: 053/260-190

Secretary of the Municipal Assembly organizes the work of professional services and assists to the President of the Municipal Assembly in preparing and organizing meetings of the Municipal Assembly and its working bodies.
Secretary of the Municipal Assembly shall:
–  take care of the rights and duties of councilors and provide working conditions for club members,
–  prepare initiatives and proposals addressed to the Municipal Assembly and give them on further processing to the relevant authorities and agencies,
–  provide legal and technical processing of documents adopted at the assembly sessions
–  promptly publish regulations and other acts passed by the Assembly and submit conclusions and councilors questions to the relevant working bodies and departments,
–  perform other duties prescribed by the Statute, the Rules and the decision on the organization and scope of the Professional Service which directly manages.