Non-governmental organizations and associations in the Municipality of Petrovo
Mountaineering Club “Ozren-Queen 883” Peter
Contact: Jovo Nikolic
Phone: 053/260-070, 065/927-684

Scout “St. Nicolas” Peter
Contact: Milos Vasic
Phone: 065/891-340

KUD “Milos Gajic” Peter
Contact: Zivorad Radic
Phone: 065/863-389

KUD “Kakmuž” Kakmuž
Contact person: Nikola Nikolic
Phone: 053/793-039

KUD “Mladost Sočkovca” Sočkovac
Contact: Stojan lever
Phone: 053/797-537, 065/194-045

KUD “Ozren” Karanovac
Contact: Ostoja Djuric
Phone: 053/797-118, 065/546-032

Serbian Sisters “Saint Irina” Kakmuž
Contact: Peter Vidal
Phone: 053/793-132, 062/953-145

Serbian Sisters “charity” Sočkovac
Contact person: Saric
Phone: 062/716-706

Municipal Sports Association
Contact: Sinisa Tomic
Phone: 065/614-430

The organization
Red Cross
Contact: Marika Niki
Phone: 053/260-406

Municipal veterans organizations Peter
Contact person: Nenad Petrović
Phone: 065/284-696

Municipal Board SUBNOR Peter
Contact person: Nenad Rajkumar
Phone: 053/797-286

Sports Fishing Club “prevent” Peter
Contact: Vojislav Lazic
Phone: 065/182-640
Hunting Association “Ozren” Peter
Contact person: Borislav Perić
Phone: 065/910-456

Women Association Ozrenka “Peter
Contact: Vicki Jokic
Phone: 061/652-082

agricultural association “Farmer 2004” Peter
Contact: Ozren Petkovic
Phone: 065/830-248

Association of Entrepreneurs
Contact: Ruben lever
Phone: 053/797-330

Association of Military Peter
Contact: Jugoslav Jokic
Phone: 065/689-686

Women’s Association “Nourishing Tradition Ozren”
Contact person: Radmila Jovic
Phone: 065/052-183

Pensioners Association Peter
Contact: Bosko Niki
Phone: 053/260-639

Beekeepers Association “Karanovac” Peter
Contact: Nebojsa Andric
Phone: 061/654-430

Association of Artists “Art”
Contact: Milenko Arsenic
Phone: 053/793-043

Saint Sava Youth Association Peter
Contact person: Nikola Pekić
Phone: 065/043-149

organization to develop creative activities for youth, “OZ” Peter
Contact person: Zoran Vasic
Phone: 053/260-001

Association to help children with special needs
Contact person: Tihomir Katanic
Phone: 053/791-121, 065/271-010

Tourist Organization Peter
Contact person: Petar Zivkovic
Phone: 065/920-165

Association of Women “Mary Magdalene” Peter
Contact person: Dragana Stjepanović
Phone: 053/260-187